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Mixed Bouquet ,   $9.99,  bunch,  


Apples (order by the apple), Fuji,   $1.99,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Gala,   $1.99,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Gold Delicious,   $1.99,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Granny Smith,   $1.99,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Honey Crisp,   $2.49,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Pink Lady,   $1.99,  pound,  
Apples (order by the apple), Red Delicious,   $1.99,  pound,  
Banana Bunch (5-6 bananas to a bunch),   $0.99,  pound,  
Banana Bunch Organic(6-7 bananas to a bunch),   $1.29,  pound,  
Blackberries, Fresh,   $4.49,  box,  
Blueberries, Fresh,   $5.99,  box,  
Grapefruit (order by the each),   $1.99,  pound,  
Kiwi (order by the each),   $1.59,  each,  
Lemons,   $0.99,  each,  
Lemons, Organic,   $1.49,  Each,  
Limes,   $0.99,  each,  
Mango,   $2.99,  each,  
Melon, Cantaloupe (order by the each),   $4.99,  each,  
Melon, Honeydew (order by the each),   $9.99,  each,  
Nectarines (order by the each)(summer),   $2.49,  pound,  
Oranges (order by the orange),   $1.79,  pound,  
Peaches (order by the each)(summer),   $2.49,  pound,  
Pears (order by the each),   $2.49,  pound,  
Pineapple,   $5.99,  each,  
Plums (order by the each)(summer),   $2.49,  pound,  
Pumpkins (October-November),   $0.35,  pound,  
Raspberries, Fresh,   $4.99,  box,  
Satsuma Mandarins,   $6.99,  3 pound bag,  
Seedless Grapes, Green (order by the bag),   $3.99,  pound,  
Seedless Grapes, Red (order by the bag),   $4.99,  pound,  
Seedless Watermelon (seasonal-summer),   $1.00,  pound,  
Strawberries,   $4.99,  1 pound box,  
Strawberries Organic,   $5.99,  Each,  


Cilantro, fresh,   $1.59,  bunch,  
Garlic (order by the head),   $0.79,  each,  
Ginger Root, fresh (order by the piece),   $4.49,  pound,  
Living Herbs Basil,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Chives,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Dill,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Mint,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Oregano,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Rosemary,   $2.99,  each,  
Living Herbs Thyme,   $2.99,  each,  
Parsley, curly & fresh,   $1.49,  bunch,  
Parsley, Flat Leaf/italian & fresh,   $1.79,  bunch,  


Alfalfa Spruts,   $2.99,  5 ounce box,  
Artichokes,   $5.99,  each,  
Asparagus,   $4.99,  pound,  
Avocados,   $1.99,  each,  
Beans, Green,   $3.49,  12 ounce bag,  
Beets (order by the pound),   $1.99,  pound,  
Broccoli,   $1.99,  bunch,  
Brussel Sprouts (order by the pound),   $2.99,  pound,  
Cabbage, Green (order by the head),   $1.59,  pound,  
Cabbage, Red (order by the head),   $2.49,  pound,  
Carrots,   $1.99,  2 pound bag,  
Carrots, Sweet Petite,   $1.99,  1 pound bag,  
Cauliflower (order by the head),   $6.99,  each,  
Ceasar Salad Kit,   $4.99,  Per Bag,  
Celery,   $2.99,  stalk,  
Corn, Fresh Sweet (seasonal-summer),   $0.75,  ear,  
Cucumber, English,   $2.49,  each,  
Cucumbers,   $0.99,  each,  
Earthbound Organic Baby Arugula,   $3.99,  5 ounce box,  
Earthbound Organic Baby Kale,   $3.99,  5 ounce box,  
Earthbound Organic Baby Spinach,   $3.99,  5 ounce box,  
Earthbound Organic Spring Mix,   $3.99,  5 ounce box,  
Garlic,   $0.79,  head,  
Ginger, Fresh (order by the piece),   $4.49,  pound,  
Leeks (order by the bunch),   $4.99,  pound,  
Lettuce, Butter,   $4.49,  head,  
Lettuce, Iceberg,   $2.49,  head,  
Lettuce, Red Leaf,   $2.99,  head,  
Lettuce, Romaine,   $2.99,  head,  
Mushrooms, Crimini,   $4.99,  pound,  
Mushrooms, Mini Bellas,   $3.99,  8 ounce box,  
Mushrooms, Portabello,   $8.99,  pound,  
Mushrooms, White,   $2.99,  8 ounce box,  
Onions, Green,   $0.99,  bunch,  
Onions, Red (order by the each),   $1.99,  pound,  
Onions, Sweet Yellow (order by the each),   $1.49,  pound,  
Onions, White (order by the each),   $0.99,  pound,  
Onions, Yellow (order by the each),   $1.49,  pound,  
Organic Local Arugula,   $4.29,  5 oz bag,  
Organic Local Baby Kale,   $4.29,  5 oz bag,  
Organic Local Radishes,   $2.50,  bag,  
Organic Red Onion,   $2.99,  pound,  
Peas, Sugar Snap,   $4.99,  6 ounce bag,  
Peppers, Green (order by the each),   $1.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Jalapeno (order by the each),   $2.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Orange (order by the each),   $2.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Pasilla (order by the each),   $3.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Red (order by the each),   $1.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Serrano (order by the each),   $3.99,  pound,  
Peppers, Yellow (order by the each),   $2.99,  pound,  
Potatoes, Baby Red (order by the pound),   $1.99,  pound,  
Potatoes, Baker Russet ,   $3.99,  5 pound bag,  
Potatoes, Baker Russet (order by the each),   $0.99,  pound,  
Potatoes, Red,   $5.99,  5 pound bag,  
Potatoes, Yams,   $1.79,  pound,  
Potatoes, Yukon Gold,   $6.49,  5 pound bag,  
Pumpkins (October),   $0.29,  pound,  
Pumpkins, Mini (October-November),   $0.99,  pound,  
Rutabaga (order by the each) (Thanksgiving),   $2.49,  pound,  
Shallots (order by the each),   $4.99,  pound,  
Squash, Acorn Winter (order by the each),   $1.79,  pound,  
Squash, Butternut Winter (order by the each),   $1.49,  pound,  
Squash, Spaghetti Winter (order by the each),   $1.29,  pound,  
Squash, Yellow (order by the each),   $2.99,  pound,  
Squash, Zucchini (order by the each),   $2.49,  pound,  
Tomatillos (order by the tomato),   $3.99,  pound,  
Tomatoes, Cherry,   $4.99,  pint,  
Tomatoes, Grape,   $3.99,  pint,  
Tomatoes, Hydrophonic (order by the tomato),   $1.99,  pound,  
Tomatoes, Roma (order by the tomato),   $1.99,  pound,  
Tomatoes, Vine Ripe (order by the tomato),   $2.59,  pound,  
Turnip (order by the each) (Thanksgiving),   $1.99,  pound,